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About Us

How did all of this get started?

Jubilee Enterprises was established as an extension of an interest in HAM or Amateur Radio.

It is our purpose to provide fair products at fair prices. We strive to operate in an open & honest manner.

As Christians, we 'get a kick' out of meeting our customers and 'making them happy'. Along the way, we get to share the gospel and share the joy of Christ in our hearts.

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What do we sell?

We try to focus on Ham Radio gear, but the Lord has blessed us with other opportunities with other electronic products as well. Our inventory mix is always changing, so be sure to check with us often for new listings!

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Our catalog?

We try to keep the catalog clean and simple, as well as this web page. Our main catalog is located at , while this page (our .com) is primarily used for general information and favorite links -- thus reducing clutter for those looking for information and shopping.

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Our web pages....

If you see a broken link, misspelled word, or have a suggestion, drop us an email via:


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January 2008         Sales Operations moved to Cypress Texas

January 2007         Mail Order Operations moved to Tomball Texas

January 2006        Added Arrow Branded Antenna's and products to our product lines.

November 2005    Added Opek Products to our product lines.

October 2005       Added W5YI Group books and study materials to our product lines.

May 2005             Dropped Alinco from product lines. This decision was due to instability in their distribution channels and continued inability to meet delivery dates. We have built our small company on the ability to be responsive to our customers needs. Unfortunately, we were unable to predict product delivery from Alinco.

May 2005             Added Pryme and ADI to product lines.

April 2005            Added ProComm to product lines.

April 2005            Entered in an agreement with Cat Springs Radio to stock and act as a sales agent for Icom Land Mobile (commercial) radios. This agreement will allow Jubilee to sell Icom mobile and handheld radios for commercial, fire, police and other municipal agencies.

January 2005        Added ARRL books to product lines.

December 2004     Added Diamond Antenna's to existing product lines.

Oct. 2004

During the fall Belton Ham Expo, Jubilee Enterprises entered into a buyout agreement with Cornerstone Communications. With this purchase, Jubilee expanded its inventory and positioned itself to serve with a broader customer base. We would like to thank our customers both far and wide that continue to shop with us and made this opportunity possible!

Sept. 2004         

As of September 4th, Jubilee Enterprises entered into a buyout agreement with GLA Systems in Caddo Mills  and will become the dealer for Comet Antennas and NGC radio accessories.   After being in the Ham Radio business for 25 years, Henry Allen, owner of GLA Systems has decided to take a much deserved rest.  Mr. Allen is world renowned for perfecting and sales of the “Texas BugCatcher” mobile ham radio antenna. Mr. Allen, and wife, Tina will continue to market the Texas BugCatcher products through mail order and internet sales, but transfers other product lines to Jubilee Enterprises for marketing through storefront, mail order, internet, and convention sales avenues.

June 2004           Added Transel Product Line

June 2004           Added Valor ProAm Product Line

January 2004      Achieved 1000 positive comments on our EBay listings.

August 2003        Achieved 800 positive comments on our EBay listings.

August 2003        Added Tram Antenna's to existing product lines.

August 2003        Added Hustler Amateur Antenna's to existing product lines.

July 2003            Added Alinco Amateur products to existing product lines.

July 2003            Added Ironhorse Antenna products to existing product lines.

May 2003            Added Workman products to existing product lines.

February 2003    Purchased 4,440 sq. ft. facility for warehouse and storefront south of Mineral Wells, TX.

August 2002        Established information website of

June 2002          Opened storefront operation in downtown Mineral Wells, TX

August 2001        Established online ordering via

February 2000    Start online EBay sales of surplus electronics.


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Favorite Links

v     3905 Century Club

v    Amateur Radio Newsline

v     AMSAT

v     ARRL - American Radio Relay League

v     ARRL Hamfest Search

v     Bicycle Texas

v     Celestrak -- Orbital Element Sets

v     Club Links


v     EBay

v     Emergency Communications &  Preparedness

v     EMWIN - Houston

v     Ft. Bend County EOC

v     Google Search

v     Houston Hams - Public Service Amateur Group

v     MS-150 Bike Rides - Texas

v     North Texas Microwave Society

v     OMIK

v     Pocket PC Apps for Ham Radio

v     QRZ

v     Repeater Directory

v     Skywarn - Texas

v     Space Shuttle Status

v     SSTV - Slow Scan TV

v     TAPR - Tucson Amateur Packet Radio


v     Texas Hamfest Listing - Texas VHF Society

v     This week in Amateur Radio -

v     W5ACM & The South Texas Balloon Launch Team (BLT) Team

v     W5YI Group


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Club Links



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Contact Information


Jubilee Enterprises

17515 Spring Cypress

Suite C230
Cypress, TX 77429

(281) 815-3345


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Upcoming events



·         5-Mar-16     Irving ARC Hamfest - Irving, Texas

·       18 -Mar-16   Greater Houston Hamfest - Rosenburg, TX


·         16-Jul-16    Tidelands ARC Hamfest - Texas City, TX


·         5-Aug-16    Austin Summerfest - Austin, TX





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